City of Fulshear Financial Transparency

Our Committment to Transparency

The City of Fulshear is committed to financial transparency. We believe that open government is accountable government and that financial transparency and accountability are critical components of good stewardship of taxpayer resources. The City of Fulshear believes you have the right to know how the city spends your tax dollars which is why it is important for us to publish informatoin about how and where those dollare are spent.

The Mission of City of Fulshear is to...

  • Provide the highest quality of life through the provision of exceptional public services including infrastructure, public safety, and recreation;
  • Welcome diverse economic growth within the constraints of fiscally responsible government; and
  • Build a community that is sustainable for generations by preserving and honoring ourhistory, small town character and natural environment and providing opportunities for growth in population and employment.

Our Guiding Principals are to....

  • Emphasize Family
  • Honor the country-like atmosphere
  • Maintain the feeling of safety, of community inclusiveness
  • Be welcoming and respectful
  • Be economically sufficient yet balanced with unique character and charm
  • Be cognizant / mindful of our fiduciary duties to maintain the health, sustainability and viability of Fulshear
  • Maintaining a diverse economic base for people to live and work in Fulshear, that supports all levels of education